"The Call" Evangelism Training

Upcoming Events:

  • The Call Summer Session: In-person & Zoom (10 weeks) - Starts June 4th

  • The Call Fall Session: In-person & Zoom (10 weeks) - Starts September 10th

10-Week Training Class Schedule

In-Person Class:

The next live in-person class at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, starting Tuesday, June 4th at 6:15pm.

Refer to calvarycch.org announcements to register.

Online Zoom Class:

If you can’t come in person, you can attend The Call Ministry by Zoom class starting Tuesday, June 4th.

There are two class times offered on Tuesday nights – Early and Regular. The schedules are listed below. You are also welcome to join early to get connected and ask questions.

Early Call Schedule (4:15p - 7:15p Pacific Time)

4:15 Intro/Prayer

4:30 Group Time

5:00 Gospel Presentation Time

6:00 Debrief Time

6:30 Level Teaching

7:00 Prayer

Regular Call Schedule (6:15p - 9:15p Pacific Time)

6:15 Intro/Prayer

6:30 Level Teaching

7:00 Group Time

7:30 Gospel Presentation Time

8:40 Debrief Time

9:00 Wrap up/Prayer

It’s okay if you can’t make it every week or participate in the full session each week but, the more you attend, the more you will learn and enjoy what the Lord is doing through this ministry. It is open to everyone!

Class Schedule:

Week 1: June 4th - Introduction

Week 2: June 11th - Equipping the Saints

Week 3: June 18th - Sharing the Good News

Bonus Week: June 25th - Additional Training / Testimonies

Week 4: July 2nd - Analyzing the Gospel

Bonus Week: July 9th - Additional Training

Week 5: July 16th - Adding Illustrations

Week 6: July 23rd - Conversational Intro

Week 7: July 30th - Calling for Commitment

Week 8: August 6th - Witnessing as a Way of Life

Week 9: August 13th - Handling Objections

Week 10: August 20th - Questionnaire Evangelism

If you are new in Level 1, you need 5 things to get started:

(See "Class Materials" below for further details.)

1. The Level 1 Notebook (link here)

2. Evangelism Explosion Textbook

3. Prayer Partners

4. The Call Audio Gospel Presentation

5. The "Do You Know?" Gospel Tract​

The Level 1 Notebook will contain your assignment for each week. (Week One is just the first 5 pages)

Please make sure you get two prayer partners, it can be anyone who believes in prayer. You will need the prayer coverage to get you through this ministry! Prayer Partner Brochures are found on this page underneath the homework. Let us know if you absolutely can't find anyone. ;)

Also, remember to invite your prayer partners to Make a Zoom Appointment to hear the gospel hand by going to spiritualquestionnaire.org. You can invite friends and family too!

Class Materials

* For Spanish materials, please click here and scroll down to the "Spanish / Español" section

Google Drive Folder

Click on the button below to a Google Drive folder which has all of the files, recordings, and resources for the class:

Level 1 Homework

The PDF above contains the homework assignments for each week.

Try to complete the Intro packet by the first week's class (The Intro packet is Week One). The homework for each class is due on the Tuesday we meet - Week 2 would be due when we meet on week 2.

Level 2 Homework

Download the Level 2 Homework above and grab a copy of the book for Level 2, titled "How to Talk About Jesus (Without Freaking Out)" or "The J Bomb" (different versions of the same book, either one will work). Links to purchase the book are below:

Level 3 Homework

Download the Level 3 Homework above for the in-person class.

Download the Level 3 Homework above for the Zoom class.

Evangelism Explosion Textbook

(EE Book)

Purchase the book from Amazon:

Amazon link for the EE Book

Or purchase from the Evangelism Explosion website:

Click here to buy from the EE website

If you can't get your EE book before Week 2, you can download the Week 1 reading material below: EE Book pages xi-xvi, 1-14, 208-209.

Prayer Partner Brochure

Make sure to get 2 prayer partners that will pray WITH you once a week and FOR you while you're in class.

The brochure below describes how to pray for The Call.

Print out this 2-sided brochure and give it to each of your prayer partners or forward this file to them.

Additional Resources:

The Call Audio Gospel Presentation:

Additional Resources:

The "Do You Know?" Gospel Tract:

SpiritualQuestionnaire.org website

Here is the link to invite people to Make a Zoom Appointment to hear the gospel:


Printable Spiritual Questionnaires

Below are printable questionnaires you can download and print out. These are the questionnaires that are used in-person:

Spiritual Questionnaire Invite

Below is an email draft you can use to invite people to take the spiritual questionnaire on one of the Tuesday Zoom classes at 5:00pm or 7:30pm Pacific time:

I would like to invite you to schedule a Zoom call for a questionnaire. I am taking an online class via Zoom through Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. We are interested in obtaining your feedback as we conduct a brief spiritual questionnaire. Would you be able to help us out?

Click here to schedule a Tuesday at 5pm or 7:30pm Pacific Time for your Zoom meeting:


Hope to hear from you. Thank you for your consideration.

Printable Spiritual Invitations

Questions about the 10-week live class?

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